Spent much of the day trying to sort out [personal profile] hollymath's clearing application (she's going back to university as a mature student next month to do a linguistics degree) so didn't get much writing done til late, but managed to get 1252 words done -- a blog post on what Liberalism means to me and why it bears no relation to the straw-liberals regularly being attacked on Twitter at the moment.
Actually back to writing properly today.
Blog post talking about SF books not by white men: 1388 words
The Basilisk Murders: 518 words today, total 41862

Total wordcount for the day 1906 words
Yesterday I was so tired after only four hours of sleep I not only wrote nothing but wasn't awake to do this post.
Today, sick and headachey all day so no writing. Tomorrow will be better.
A very spoonless day, but I managed to get to my word count mostly by putting tracklists and stuff into the Nilsson book document.

Book on Harry Nilsson: 1770 words. Total book length so far: 2040 words
The Basilisk Murders: 483 words today, 41344 in total
Short story I'm *way* overdue on for an anthology: 268 words, total story length so far: 2226 words
No writing again, as I spent the entire awake portion of the day in Brighouse unexpectedly. This "pushing myself to write more" thing isn't working yet, is it? We'll see what happens tomorrow.
No numbers tonight, as the dog woke me up barking after not many hours sleep, and we then had a plumbing problem, which required me calling the plumbing insurance that we canceled the direct debit for two weeks ago, grovelling to get them to take us back on, and then getting a plumber out and being patronised by him, which used up all available spoons, so today is one of this week's two non-writing days.
Dean Wesley Smith has, for a few years, been doing his "writing in public" thing, where every day he posts his word count to his blog, and he's said it's helped him keep his writing pace up (for the people who think I write a lot, he wrote four novels in four weeks recently).
I decided it was worth a try, but didn't want to use my main blog for it, so I thought I'd start doing it here. Every day, at or around midnight, until I get bored of this, I'll post how much Proper Writing (ie something that I will, in some form or another, get paid for eventually) that I've done for the day here.
I'm currently aiming for a target of 2000 words a day, and to hit that at least five days a week. I have a secondary target of getting at least one 1000-word-plus blog post up that often, but that won't always be possible as I'm working on multiple projects.

Today's writing:
Blog post on Atypical: 1685 words
Book on Harry Nilsson: 270 words. Total book length so far: 270 words (this is mostly chapter headings and structure stuff on a book I'm just starting).
The Basilisk Murders my next novel (nearing completion, just doing tidying): 410 words today, 40861 in total
Short story I'm *way* overdue on for an anthology: 345 words, total story length so far: 1958 words
Total words for the day: 2710

Join me tomorrow for more exciting numbers. Or hide me from your reading list. Your choice.
Since a few people are now (re)starting to use DW, a reminder -- my actual blog is at andrewhickey.info, a feed of which can be found at [syndicated profile] andrew_hickey_feed. I use this account for reading my friends page (which I read most days) and for commenting, but not for posting anything new. So add this account if you want me to be able to read your stuff, but add the feed if you want to read mine...
Have finally created an actual account here. I was previously using an OpenID login from a LiveJournal account to read stuff and comment here, but given the Russian stuff thought it better to finally create an account and stop relying on LJ at all.
I won't be posting here -- all my blog posts will continue to be at andrewhickey.info
Anyone who has doubts that I'm really me, feel free to check with @HickeyWriter, email me, or comment on my blog for confirmation
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